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• Designed and developed a GNU/Linux printer monitor system. System can either work stand alone or with CUPS software.

• Created the web interface for a VOIP product. Initially the os used was WinCE, then moved to GNU/Linux (used the Snapgear distribution). The GoAhead webserver was chosen. An open source BSP for the Intel Xscale IXDP425 was used and the GNU toolchain was provided by Snapgear.

• Modified net-snmp baseline to work with customer's proprietary messaging system.

• Custom GNU/Linux serial port driver for an FPGA based UART.

• GNU/Linux applications and custom drivers for an X86 based console server.

• 32 port Console server product with 16 hot-swappable cards.

• Developed two DirectX transform plug-ins to provide special audio editing. The plug-ins were designed specifically for use with Sound Forge.

• KVM product (KVM - Keyboard Video Mouse) Allows one keyboard, mouse and monitor to be switched to any of up to 100 machines.

• 30 X 30 video matrix. Later the code was ported to a 128 X 128 matrix switch.

• Designed and developed Windows NT and Win9X services to download transaction data from an embedded system, which manages keys. The transactions represented user logins, retrieval and return of keys, etc. This data was then appended to a Microsoft Accesss database for later reporting using a custom GUI interface.

• Assisted in the development of a Windows application for the engraving industry. The program allows text and scanned objects to be engraved on plastics, metals and other materials.

• Performed maintenance on an engraving plotter printer driver.

• Custom HPGL import library.

• Windows software that communicates with a handheld data recorder used in the security industry. Windows program that allows remote communication between a PC and a key management device.

• Software for an embedded key management system that utilizes 8051 and 80188 microprocessors. Master/slave and RS232 protocols were developed to communicate with the PC.

• Software for a helicopter's cockpit controls to enable support of new missile system.

• Production gyroscope test set.

• Hysteroscopic fluid management system. Primary responsibilities included software architecture, coding, and software validation. Developed medical device software in compliance with FDA standard operating procedures for small medical devices.

• Medical diagnostic equipment used in AIDS testing. Using software-based PID control, the instrument simultaneously measures flow volumes through 100 tubes in the range of 50 to 500 micro-liters.

• Weighing algorithms for a strain gauge based consumer scale. Algorithms were implemented on the PC using data acquisition hardware. Accuracy was approximately +/- 0.15 lbs.

• Dairy milk handheld tester.

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